The Modern Instant Messanger

Sending a bunch of emails with one sentences?  Wishing that you could know whether someone is available or not?  There is a great tool that your company should use if you don’t yet.  That tool is Lync.  Lync is a messenger app that lets you do a number of things with nice integration with outlook.  You my ask, why do I need Lync?  Here are some of the benefits that we have found while using Lync.

Instant messaging to the people in your company

Lync is in it’s basic form, and instant messenger.  It allows you to communicate with your co-workers, whether they are on-site or off-site.  Lync doesn’t care where you are, it just need to know what company you belong too.  It is tied to office 365 and as long as you have an account, you have access mobile apps and web apps that let you communicate even if you are not in front of your computer.  It’s also mac and windows compatible.  Just have to have an office 365 account.

Lync is also full of other useful tools

Lync allows you to share files, share screen, share programs and even make phone calls.  Because of the integration with outlook, Lync also know when you are at a meeting and automatically sets your status.  You no longer have to check your co-workers calendar to see if they are busy or not.  Lync also integrate with your phone and can forward Lync phone calls to your cell.

We love it

Our company has multi site, and even individuals working outside of the company “walls”.  With Lync, we can contact someone and communicate with them easily even though they might be very far away.  It really helps productivity, communication, and unifies us as a company.  We highly recommend it.

Need more info?  Feel free to contact us and we would love to help get set up with Lync.