Quite often, people ask me what our company does and when I give them the short answer it typically turns into me explaining that answer in more detail. What is the short answer you ask? We are a managed services provider (MSP). Yes, that look that you have right now… that’s the typical reaction to my answer. From there I would usually throw them a bone and say, “we provide outsourced IT to small and midsized businesses”. Once they hear this they normally have a general idea of what we do, but in truth, we are so much more than just a computer repair shop.

So by now you are probably thinking to yourself, “get to the point, what do you do?”. OK, here it comes. Yes, we work on computers. Yes, we can fix your email. Yes, we can help you with your wireless issues and your server software. In this, we are not much different from all of the other computer geeks out there (and yes we can lovingly use the word geek because we consider ourselves in that category). What sets us apart is our relationship with the businesses we do business with. We consider ourselves strategic partners in your business, and our favorite thing to do is discuss what the needs of your company are and work hand-in-hand with you to determine the optimal solutions for your company.

Our focus is to free up the time of the employees by making their network run more efficiently and smoother than ever by constantly monitoring the things that matter. By keeping a diligent eye on the issues that can cripple a company and keep your employees from being productive, we are able to help our clients be more profitable.

We accomplish this by using a retainer model. Our clients pay us a reasonable amount every month and for that amount their network is covered by our expertise. This includes unlimited tech support for covered servers and pc’s, helpdesk availability to all employees, server backups, and you will get someone that not only speaks geek, but can translate it in a way that makes sense even to the computer illiterate (and if you have ever had a conversation with a computer geek you know how valuable this really is). This works well because our clients have a budgeted amount they can depend on paying (instead of the “change your transmission” heart attack that comes from getting a bill for a major IT issue). Another benefit for our clients is, we have a financial interest in doing a good job because we don’t have a contract. If our clients are ever unhappy with our service they can stop it at any time. We like to be paid, therefore we like to provide a level of service that keeps our clients happy so they will continue to pay us for our service. It’s really a win-win.

So now when you hear the term “managed services provider” you can stand confident in your understanding of it. But if you still want to know more, we can talk over some coffee  I’m happy to go into more detail on our pricing and give you a straight answer to the question of whether or not we could help your company by managing your network.