Backups… You’ve heard how important they are but are you doing them? We thought that for our 1st post, we would share some solutions that we like and that you can use. Remember, it’s not whether it’s going to happen, it’s when.
• What product/company should I use?
• Will it be expensive?
• Is my data going to be safe?
• Which one would be best for my company?
These are all good questions and hopefully this blog post will help give you some insight.

Use an external hard drive
Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, having your data on a second hard drive is always a good idea. Windows 7 and Windows 8 have a backup option built-in so does Mac OS X. All that is required for you to use that option is to buy a external hard drive. Depending on the size you need, hard drives vary in price from $50 to $120.

Backblaze  –
Back blaze is a great option that offers unlimited storage and a good solution for recovery. The cost is $5/month per computer.  The downside to Backblaze is that it does not support servers or external hard drives… so its more ideal for home business/individual computers.

Crashplan –
If you google ‘cloud backup’, this company will appear towards the top of your search. Crashplan is one of our favorite solutions and they offer both consumer and business options. They are a great backup company that offers a lot of features at a really good price. Here is a short list of what they offer:

– “Set and forget” backup. Once you set your backup parameters, it does all the work for you.
– Unlimited backup for $9.99/computer (truly unlimited; no data cap).
– Files are accessible on your smart phone or any internet-connected computer.
– File Versioning – you can recover different versions of your files that are backed up.

At onIT, we leverage the power of Crashplan and use their software to be “the cloud” for our customers.  They get the same features as backing up to the subscription service, but have the piece of mind knowing we have quick access to their data if they need to recover from a disaster quickly.